At Wyndham Garden Hotel Barranquilla we are committed to the implementation of good environmental practices in our operating processes, which leads to the generation of actions that allow the use of resources efficiently. In addition, we promote the natural and cultural heritage of our destination, integrating gastronomy and art, among others. We ensure the fulfillment of the duties and rights of workers, clients and guests with the Tourist Sustainability, applicable legal requirements and supporting their development, safety and welfare.


1. Promote and protect natural areas or products derived from flora and fauna by disseminating the main current legal provisions related to this topic.

2. Optimize the use of water resourceS in each of the processes of the Hotel.

3. Guarantee the efficient use of energy in the Hotel.

4. Minimize the environmental impact resulting from the waste generated by each of the processes identified in the Hotel.

5. Ensure knowledge of the cultural heritage of the department to guests, clients and workers.

6. To guarantee the prevention of sexual commerce of minors in accordance with the current legislation.

7. Implement programs focused on the development of local workers and people to strengthen their work skills and complementary activities.